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Transforming Lives and Businesses: The Power of ActionCOACH's Client-to-Coach Journey

Stephanie O'Brien's story of growth, impact, and legacy.

Stephanie O'Brien's vision turned into one of the top performing ActionCOACH business coaches globally. As a previous ActionCOACH client of several years O'Brien successfully grew her business into a powerful brand with a reputation for results.

Based on her own experience as an ActionCOACH client she saw the immense benefit of hiring a business coach and it was a natural step to go on the journey of becoming an ActionCOACH Business Coach herself. She saw how her personal experience as a client could grow into a rewarding mission to help Canadian business owners get more time back, better teams in their companies and more money on their bottom-line.

From inception, O'Brien has embraced her entrepreneurial heart and always looked for opportunities to collaborate and elevate the status quo. With 13 years in business, two degrees, a strategic planning certificate, and nine years focused purely on strategic marketing; coaching businesses through their own challenges was where she excelled.

“Becoming an ActionCOACH was such a natural step for me”, says O'Brien. ”If you build a business around your personal lifestyle, work will not feel like work. If I won the lottery tomorrow I would still be doing exactly what I am doing today because I love what I do, it gives me joy, and a sense of purposes.”

Do you desire to create an impact in your community as well?

Wither you have previous business experience or not, leverage your passion for helping others by becoming an ActionCOACH Business Coach. As a business coach, you’ll get to transform businesses and lives through coaching your clients to increase their profits, develop powerful systems and build a strong team.

Starting a business doesn’t have to be scary. You will receive world-class training with global, national and local support every step of the way. You will also have access to over 3,500 proven business strategies and tactics to help grow your clients’ businesses and your own!

Make a change and turn your passion for business and personal development into a rewarding career. Connect with us to explore the opportunities of becoming an ActionCOACH Business Coach.

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