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Scale Up To Sell

Updated: Feb 22, 2022

The ClientTether YouTube Channel would like to thank Rick Moore, the CEO of ActionCOACH Canada and author of "Scale Up To Sell" join us to share insights from his 38 years of business coaching and advising.

In this episode of The Advisory Board podcast, we dive into the challenges facing the franchise industry today that include:

  • Franchisors short-selling their franchise units and the expense of a bad franchise owner fit

  • Market uncertainty and Open/Re-Open challenges (Keeping your best people)

  • Marketing shortfalls (Lacking a true plan, relevance shortcomings, creating true engagement)

  • Recovering and re-engaging previous clients

  • Process/operations inefficiencies and best practices in coaching up all levels of franchise owners

  • Losing vision and passion in business

We also address the perceived investment barrier that sometimes prevents business and franchise owners from engaging in coaching, which can yield a 640% ROI, according to a study by ActionCOACH Canada.

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