Tips for Elevating Your Brand-Hint, It’s Not Guerilla Marketing

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Tips for Elevating Your Brand-Hint, It’s Not Guerilla Marketing

Becoming a household name is a complicated process. But there are great strategies for elevating your brand.  We’ve created a few below. You may not become as well-known as Apple, but, hey, you might.

1. Freebies

There is nothing like free stuff, and everybody loves it. Ideally, you can offer branded merch on social media but you can also hock the merch at local events.

2. Social Media-Always Social Media

You must know your audience really well to use social media to your advantage. Know where they hang out online and stake a claim on that social media channel. If you’re not sure where to begin, start herehere and here.

3. Podcasts

Seems like every new business owner is starting a podcast these days, but that’s really just hype. By starting your own industry podcast you’re able to offer extra value and interview experts which will only build your brand and brand you as an expert.  Do it.

4. Remarketing  

Remarketing shows ads to users who previously visited your site, but didn’t convert; these ads are strategically placed on sites your customers visit. They will be seeing your brand everywhere! This makes your brand seem like a big deal, even if for the moment, it isn’t.

5. Controversy

This is not for the faint of heart but is very popular with Hollywood brands. It’s not too hard to be controversial these days. Find a hot industry topic and take an unlikely stance. Now, this may garner some bad press, which is why you MUST be very careful in the way that you do this. However, they don’t say that there’s no such thing as bad press for no reason.

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