Creating an Ideal Client Profile

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Creating an Ideal Client Profile

Creating client profiles can save you both time and money when it comes to creating a sales strategy that actually works.  Ideally, this process should begin with research and client interviews from current and former clients. The final step of the process results in creating a fictional character that represents your ideal client, however, all of the data you’ve gathered needs to be real and accurate. 

The following are a few simple steps to get you started:

1) Create a Roster of Your Best Clients

To find the five or best prospects, consider these questions:

· What are your most profitable accounts? 

· Does the client delay projects, or do they provide feedback promptly and clearly? 

· Do you like working with the client? 

2) Conduct Client Interviews

These interviews should help you gather both qualitative and quantitative data that will help create the perfect profile.  Here are some questions you can ask to make the most of the interview process:

· What is your role?  

· What skills are required to do your job?  

· What does a typical day look like?  

Company Data 

· In which industry or industries does your company work?  

· Where are you located?  

Information Search Process

· What sites and publications do you frequently visit (in connection with your industry)?

· What associations or groups do you belong to? What conferences do you attend?  

· What social networks do you use and how do you use them? 

· What style of communication works best for you?  

· What are some of the pain points that you need resolutions for?

Purchasing Decisions

· Why did you choose to work with us?  

· Why have you stayed with us for X years?  

· What made us unique?  

Now, you’re ready. Go create your profile.

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